Friday 21 June 2024
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LIFE3 project granted third phase funding

LIFE3 Press Release: 

A ground-breaking project to support long-term digital preservation has been granted funding for its third phase. The LIFE Project (Life Cycle Information for e-Literature) is a collaboration between the British Library and UCL (University College London), supported by LIBER (the Association of European Research Libraries), which is developing tools and techniques to enable long-term planning for digital preservation by researchers, librarians, data managers and other information specialists.

The latest phase of the project has been granted funding by JISC (the Joint Information Systems Committee) and RIN (Research Information Network). The Project will develop a predictive costing tool which will enable long term lifecycle costs to be estimated at the point of acquisition or creation of digital collections. This will greatly enhance the ability of data professionals to plan and resource preservation activities, and understand the financial commitment that comes with key collection management decisions.

Helen Shenton, Head of Collection Care at the British Library, said, “We are delighted that the third – and most practical – phase of the LIFE Project is being supported by both JISC and RIN, which further enhances the very collaborative character of the project to date.”

Dr Paul Ayris, Director of UCL Library Services, said, “The development of a costing tool, to cost digital preservation activities, will mark the culmination of the LIFE Project. The toolset will be available to academics, researchers, funders and libraries to help them predict the costs of the long-term digital curation of the assets they are creating and storing. It will be a major step forward to have this tool available and in the public domain.”

LIFE3 concludes in July 2010.

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3 Responses to “LIFE3 project granted third phase funding”

  1. Amrita Says:

    Hi !

    Preservation of information is extremely important.
    Information should be completely protected as well as it should be accessible by our present and future generations also.
    I think the effort, time and money required to handle the technological advance is the main stumbling block for preserving digital information.
    I am glad to know that this project has been granted funding by JISC and RIN.

    With Regards

  2. Aishani Says:


    This project is ineed a great move towards preserving valuable information. It would indeed prove beneficial for students, scholars, researchers and even common readers.

  3. Ed Says:

    Congrats on getting the funding. :)

    I’ve been keeping an eye out on this project, and certainly rooting for it - seems better to keep digital information stored by universities and libraries, rather than left to be controlled by private companies such as the Google Books project.

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